How to Stay Sustainably Cozy All Winter

Jan 13

If you’re anything like us, you have to remind yourself that winter has a purpose—other than making you cold and miserable. So when you have to dig deep this season, try to focus on the positives. For us, that’s big sweaters, hot drinks, and firelight. Safe and warm is the best way to winter, and we have a few tips for helping you stay sustainably cozy all winter long.

Adjust your thermostat
You’ll probably want to turn your indoor temperature up a few degrees, and you should! Just like summer, though, pick a temperature and try to keep it there. This helps set a baseline for your HVAC unit, helping it to work more efficiently.

Depending on how cold your winters are and how big your home is, you can also explore heating only the rooms you’re really living in. You probably don’t spend a lot of time in guest rooms, basements, and storage areas, so you can set up zones in your thermostat or close the vents (and the doors) to those rooms.

Get winter curtains
Homes and apartments lose a lot of heat through their windows. And the more heat you lose to the outside, the more energy your heating unit will burn through as it tries to keep your house at a stable temperature. Insulated curtains are a simple and inexpensive way to keep your house warmer and save some energy (read: lower your heating bills) in the winter.

Live in wool
Moisture-wicking and warm, wool is nature’s miracle fabric. It’s great for the winter because it has a way of keeping the right amount of heat in, while controlling humidity, so you stay warm AND dry. Besides clothing, wool makes excellent bedding, from mattress pads to pillows to blankets. Plus, it’s a natural fiber that comes (humanely) from sheep, so it’s free from micro plastics and fertilizers. It’s often dyed, so you’ll want to check and see that those dyes are something you want to have next to your skin. Try out some wool this winter, and by next spring, you’ll want to give sheep a hug.

Layer your clothing
Winter is best weathered in layers. Starting with a light base layer, like wool tights and a long-sleeve cotton thermal, you can add on your favorite pants, blouses and sweaters and keep your body heat close to you all day long. As you heat up, just peel off a top layer for more ventilation. Have fun with it by layering fun colors and prints, so you can stay stylish when it’s cold outside.

Drink more tea
This is good advice for all four seasons, but in winter, a cup of hot tea delivers a vital dose of inside-out warmth—in addition to antioxidants and phytochemicals. Herbal blends are a fantastic way to absorb the floral botanicals—chammomile, lavender, rose—that are taking a break for the season. It’s like having a cozy cup of springtime!

Be sure to check our some of our favorite herbal tea blends for winter. And tell us all the ways you’re staying sustainably cozy this winter.

Klee Life