Make Earth Your Valentine for Life

Feb 14

The cutest, lovey-dovey day of the year is here. There’s a lot of pressure to have the perfect companion and the perfect celebration: red roses, fine chocolates, sexy outfits, and sizzling romance. Has that every really happened for anyone, ever? Probably not, and definitely not every year. So let’s STOP in the name of love and find a better way to celebrate. Let’s choose a Valentine that will never let us down or ask too much of us. How about it, Earth, will you be ours forever?

Earth is amazing. 

Even from what little we know about other planets, Earth is a stunner. And she’s rare. The ability to sustain biological life, cosmically speaking, is quite a feat. It takes a precise blend of temperature, minerals, oxygen and water (among a million other one-in-a-million factors) to create an environment where biology is possible. Earth has all that and sustains life for a gazillion (precise number) organisms — every single day.

Earth is a giver.

If a relationship is going to succeed, there has to be some giving. Ideally, it comes from both parties, but in our relationship with Earth, we’re usually on the receiving end. From the food we eat, to the houses we live in and the medicine that cures us, Earth gives us everything we need. You could argue that humans do a lot to make that happen, and that’s the beauty of our togetherness — working kindly and in harmony with nature to improve humanity.

Earth is exciting.

Have you ever seen a boring sunset? Nope, it just doesn’t happen. Same thing with flowers, waterfalls, deserts, pygmy goats, underground caves, geysers, and forests. Earth never falls short of inspiring, and we can always rely on this energy to better ourselves. Sometimes Earth is so exciting, she’s dangerous, and that’s a good reminder of the raw power of nature we so often forget in our modern lives.

Earth is vulnerable.

It’s hard to believe something as massive as a planet could have vulnerabilities, but it’s true. The thin membrane of the ozone layer is what keeps our world habitable. Without it, UV rays from the sun would irradiate our planet. A little closer in is our climate, which is going through wild ch, ch, ch, changes. Earth is warming faster than ever. Our ice caps are melting and new and catastrophic weather patterns are growing in frequency and intensity. We can and should help our planet and way of life by doing a better job of protecting Earth. Everyone can contribute in simple, everyday ways like using less energy, riding public transportation, recycling, planting trees, gardening and probably the easiest way, buying goods that were made in accordance with environmental standards. By supporting those businesses with your purchases, you’re playing a role in protecting the planet. Every purchase sends the message — Earth is important! So put your dollars where your heart is all year long.

Earth is home.

From what we know about love (which includes a multi-decade study of romcoms), you know love is real when you feel so comfortable with someone they feel like home. If you think about Earth this way, you realize that no matter where you are on this planet at any given time, you belong. You’re a part of something bigger. When you get lost in life, close your eyes and feel the air in your lungs and the ground under your feet, and realize no matter what, you ARE home.

Happy Valentine’s Day, fellow Earthlings.


Klee Life