Weekly Watching, Eating and Reading: November 9, 2018

Nov 09

It’s been a big week in the U.S. with mid-term elections, and we’re so glad they’re over. Political campaigns are so noisy and divisive right now, and really, can’t we all just get along? But really, from the heart, THANK YOU FOR VOTING.

Climate change is always on our minds. We see it happening, worry about its impacts and wonder what we can do about it. This week BBC published an informative guide to minimizing your individual climate impact. Not surprising is that going car-free tops the list, but what’s really cool to see is tips like avoiding fast-fashion and opting instead for better made clothes.

Still reeling from a Halloween sugar high, we’re thinking ahead and making room for Thanksgiving pie, and all that other stuff, but really pie leads our taste-list. Back to making room though, we’re scoping some simple exercise routines we could possibly maintain during the holiday (read: party) season. The exercise can’t be too hard or time consuming and it has to be worth it. Right now, we’re really into HASfit’s free youtube workouts. They have a ton of low and high-impact options, plus stretching and rehab routines for those days when you just can’t. We think any movement can be medicine and the video below worked wonders on our tension headaches.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, it’s only two weeks away. Are you ready to spend time with family? Extended family? Some of us find this annual event a bit triggering, and even if you enjoy your family, it’s still a lot. We found a really helpful article that offers some great advice for surviving turkey day from our country’s elders. There are some real gems, like not trying to fix each other’s lives and not taking things personally that really resonate. It’s small font, but totally worth the read.

We’re enjoying fall produce to its fullest, but pumpkin is a bit intimidating. We know it’s just like all the other delicious squash out there, but we haven’t reached our zen with it. Luckily, there’s some people out there who know what to do with a whole pumpkin. Beyond roasting those seeds, you can actually use the pumpkin as a vessel for soups or as a mold for custard. How cute would that be to serve?

Meanwhile in India, millions of people celebrated Diwali and set a new world record for the number of ceremonial lamps and length of time they burned simultaneously. This beautiful festival celebrates the Hindu New Year, the triumph of good over evil and marks a time of renewal and rebirth. The unfortunate downside is poor air quality after all of the oil lamps  and fireworks. Maybe some solar lanterns are in order?

Klee Life